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We help teachers gather insight from your students about your students, the real key to increasing student engagement.

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Engage with purpose

Enlight is designed to help educators and students understand themselves as teachers and learners. When students participate in their learning and appreciate the interdependence between educator and learner roles, they develop a shared commitment to success. Many students may not have passions, interests, and ambitions; we want to help educators identify these learners so they can enlighten their minds and ignite their potential.

Know your students

Know all your students, whether they are at home or in the classroom. Our data-rich profiles present with the opportunity to learn all about your students and what they care about, so you can create learning experiences with enough flexibility for each student to feel welcomed, engaged, and productive.

Maximize your reach

Increase your ability to adapt and understand the similarities between your students so you can maximize student engagement. Every classroom becomes a unique space for you to foster a dynamic learning experience, develop inclusive learning environments, and understand the adaptations needed for all students to succeed.

Reflect and improve

Engage your students in their learning by motivating students to express their thoughts and ideas about improving the classroom experience. Get quick feedback on units, tests, projects, and send custom surveys to check on their well-being. Fully reflect on what is working and what might need adjustment in time to make a difference.

Inform your teaching

Stimulate reflection, interaction, and dialogue around learning improvement with your students to inform and improve your craft. Making adjustments and involving students in their learning during the year increases motivation, promotes collaboration, and lays the groundwork for impact, student agency, and success.

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