How it Works

Enlightapp is a new powerful platform that uses dynamic data science to empower teachers and the school staff to develop deep and authentic connections with their diverse student communities.

See It In Action

Dynamic Questions: “The Big 4”

We sat down with teachers and schools to develop a question framework centered around 4 main categories. These are devised not only to help teachers tap into the intrinsic motivations of each student, but also to nudge students and teachers into more awareness of each other.

Who are my

Are they mentally ready to learn?

How can I improve their experience?

How can I improve my teaching?

Don’t be a stranger, Introduce yourself

Our teacher profiles and the “Why letter” offer a chance to tell your story and connect with students. Students are curious about who you are, and it’s essential for them to see that you all have more in common than they think.

Discover Something New - Every Week

Enlightapp creates stories from student inputs. Keeping teachers informed about their students through a personal weekly check-in, as a set of 4 questions covering one, or several, of the Big 4 categories.

Check results with
Weekly Sparks

Enlightapp sends weekly insights to teachers along with "just-in-time" professional development level resources on how to interpret and implement the data. Easily assess the answers as byte-sized weekly stories called Sparks, get a feel for the classroom temperature, and identify different needs and patterns. Checking in on your students has never been this user-friendly. Or intuitive. Access the info anytime, anywhere. In-class, remote, or on the go.

Use Cases

Hannah is one of 36 students in Mrs. Weber’s Physics class. Like so many of her classmates, Hannah is becoming increasingly disengaged as the year progresses. 

Using the Enlightapp, Mrs. Weber discovers that Hannah has a passion for dancing and an interest in coding. Through one of the Enlightapp sparks she discovered that another student in her class, Nikki also has a passion for dancing. 

Mrs. Weber decided on the next project to partner the girls together. It turns out both girls were feeling isolated and were extremely excited about the new connection. This pairing allowed them to connect their interest to the project and fostered a friendship that caused them to look forward to coming to Physics.

Mr. Parker is a 10th-grade English teacher, who wants his students to compare and contrast classic works.

Because the lesson is usually met with little enthusiasm, he decides to consult Enlightapp for some input, on how to make it more engaging. Mr. Parker uses the self-made survey to ask students about which current events they find most interesting.

He uses this information to connect the students' interests to examples similar examples in classical works. The lesson was a hit! The students were so surprised that their lives had so many connections to the themes found in Animal Farm!

Supporting Teachers

Deliver Student-Centered Learning

Enlightapp gives Teachers relevant and timely data about what students enjoy and are interested in learning/exploring, a dynamic approach to getting to know their students, an improved method of rapidly collecting and implementing feedback, and a way to demonstrate a genuine interest in their students.

Enlightapp gives Teachers:

●      Timely data about the diverse students in each classroom.
●       Improved feedback collection methods.
●       Just-in-time Professional Development quality resources for implementing the data.
●       A way to celebrate the diversity in your classrooms.

Supporting Students

Amplify Your Voice

Enlightapp helps students uncover their innermost motivations while connecting with the classroom community. Students are encouraged to express themselves authentically, show off their personal growth, and community their needs.

Enlightapp gives Students:

●       A platform for self-expression.
●       An opportunity to show off personal growth.
●       Communication channel for their needs, interests and aspirations.

Students are able to spark new conversations and connect with their peers by reviewing the answers to the weekly Community Question.

Supporting Schools

Ignite Student Achievement

Enlightapp serves as a tool to increase Classroom Community engagement interaction, connect students with the right opportunities, and help school administrators identify and support the most effective teachers. It offers continuous data analysis for teachers and school administrators to develop strategies and training supporting exceptional learning experiences across all classrooms.

Enlightapp gives Schools:

●       Enhanced interest-based learning to deliver relevant learning opportunities, collaborative activities, and experiences at scale for deeper learning.
●       Strategies for developing unique connections to establish a meaningful relationship with all students and adults.
●       Support for Personalized School/classroom cultures with timely, actionable insights.
●       Increased student engagement, teacher performance, inclusivity, and community in the schools.

There is another side of students that cannot be measured by standardized tests. Discover and ignite untapped potential today!