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Expand your ability to reach your students and enhance your teaching experience through actionable insights.

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How It Works

All your insights one place

Support your instruction with meaningful insights about your students from your students so you can develop authentic relationships and healthy learning environments.

Know your students

In less than 15 minutes, students can enroll, build their profiles, and share their individuality.

Support your instruction

We’ve made it easy for you to get actionable insights in your hands in time for it to inform key instructional decisions.

Ignite their passion

Increase student agency by promoting activities that are meaningful and driven by their interests, identity, and growth.

Insights that empower

Utilize student insights to manage your instruction, organize classroom environments, and foster a dynamic teaching approach.

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Student Profile

Enlight helps you understand your students so you can manage your instruction, provide better educational guidance, understand the diversity among all your students, and the possible problems occurring in the classroom.

Dynamic Polls

With real-time feedback, Enlight polls allow educators to get actionable insights that can help make informed decisions about critical components of teaching including; curriculum engagement, inclusion, social-emotional learning, and academic success.

Enlight puts the data in teachers' hands in time for it to inform key instructional decisions.

Intuitive summaries

We have made this data understandable to connect you to your students and their learning while informing classroom practices.

Using these new insights, you can increase student agency as Enlight continues to help build trust and a sense of community in your classroom.

Beautiful and practical

As creatives we are committed to creating beautiful experiences on our platform that empowers teachers and students to build engaging and inclusive learning environments.

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What others are saying

Enlight has provided me with a more in-depth look into each student and each class. I love that I don't have to have a file on each student and the information previously kept on paper in a filing cabinet is now in one place digitally.

Erin Lively

PHS AVID Coordinator
If schools are to be places that disrupt racism and support diversity and inclusion, they must be spaces where students feel seen, authentically. Enlight empowers teachers to create such classrooms by closing the gap between who educators think students are and who they know themselves to be.

Rafiq Kalam Id-Din

Founder of Ember Charter Schools

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Enlight allows you to see the unseen talents and passions of each student, even when they are learning from home.
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