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Enlight helps teachers build meaningful engagement and create inclusive learning environments online and in the classroom.

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We make it easier for teachers to meet the needs of each student by creating actionable insights from student feedback.

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Enlight allows you to see the unseen talents and passions of each student, even when they are learning from home.

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Every insight shared on Enlight is an access-point to each student.

Relationships are as important as academic learning

Learners being placed at the center of one’s thinking and practice results in dynamic and differentiated experiences. When educators and learners see students as key resources to their own learning and appreciate the interdependence between educator and learner roles, they develop a shared commitment to success.

Inclusion is a pivotal part of building a safe learning environment

Learners come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and that learning and teaching conditions that recognize, accept, and integrate culture as a part of learning lead to better results for students.

Empathy is the most important catalyst in teacher and student success

Educators help students to be the drivers of the learning process and facilitate learning through opportunities for experiences, inquiry, and exploration. Learners see educators as their best advocates, and educators understand that they won’t succeed unless their learners do.

“I love that I don't have to have a file on each student and the information previously kept on paper in a filing cabinet is now in one place digitally."

Erin Lively
PHS AVID Coordinator
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