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Enlight helps teachers leverage students’ interests, aspirations, and natural curiosity to create engaging learning experiences.

Rafiq Kalam Id-Din | Founder of Ember Charter Schools
"If schools are to be places that disrupt racism and support diversity and inclusion, they must be spaces where students feel seen, authentically. Enlight empowers teachers to create such classrooms by closing the gap between who educators think students are and who they know themselves to be."

Discover the passion of every student. 

Using Enlight, students can express their perspectives, and often unspoken ideas, to help their teachers create deeper personal connections and engaging learning opportunities.

A screenshot of a student built profile

Students are asked a series of questions about themselves, their personal interests, passions, and aspirations. 

A screenshot of the class profile

Dashboards visualizing student responses assist teachers with interacting and engaging students.

Engage students with Enlight's polling and insights

Our library of polls allows teachers to utilize real-time feedback when addressing immediate issues or capturing ideas generated by students.

Teachers can test ideas and pivot quickly based on immediate student feedback by building their own polls or utilizing Enlight's library of educator-designed polls across a variety of categories.

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To inspire the next generation of students and teachers to lead systemic change by giving them the tools to make individual empowerment a reality, no matter the environment or circumstance.

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Just what I was looking for

I love that I don't have to have a file on each student, and the information previously kept on paper in a filing cabinet is now in one place digitally!

Erin Lively - Biology Teacher

Enlight is an amazing computer application

Every educator needs to see, apply Enlight in their classroom to transform the landscape of educational services. I plan to mention Enlight to many of my colleagues across the country.

Dr. Jeffery Thake - Superintendent | Williston Public Schools

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Empower and Inspire Every Student

There is another side of students waiting to be discovered that cannot be measured by standardized tests. Students are eager to share their passions, dreams, and aspirations with their communities.